5 Astonishing Facts About Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are among the most popular and oldest dog breed in the United States. The dogs are recognized for their feisty personality and small sizes. Most breeders describe the dogs as being fearless, lovable, and fiercely loyal companions. These traits are among the many that have made Chihuahua feature in Hollywood blockbusters and TV commercials. Having said so, these are 5 astonishing facts about Chihuahua.

Their Origin

No one has true facts about where Chihuahua originated from. However, it has a long background that dates back in the mid-19th C, in Mexico. The Techichi was the early ancestor of Chihuahua. This is a tiny dog breed that used to live with the Toltecs and Mayans in the 8 A.D. (Animal planet)

The remains of Techichi were found in Casas Grandes in the Mexican State known as Chihuahua. That is why the breed was given that name.

Unlike the modern-day Chihuahua, the Techichis were large and had long-haired coats. In her book, D. Caroline Coile states that Toltecs kept Techichis as their source of food or as companions. (“Chihuahuas: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training” by D. Caroline Coile). Later on, the Aztecs turned that around by taking the Techichis as sacred animals. They, therefore, used the animals in burial and healing.

AKC states that the Techichi was then bred with a tiny hairless dog – most likely the Chinese Crested. The breed resulted in the Chihuahua you see nowadays.

Some people state that the no-hair breed came to Bering Strait from Asia. Others state that Spanish settlers brought the breed through trade routes. Today Chihuahua is very popular in American states and Mexico. In fact, in 1904 the breed was registered.

Great video explaining a top 10 facts about Chihuahua. The facts include the geniuses, name, fierce breed, and soft head, among others.

Though Small In Size, He Has Big Personalities

Among the dog breed recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Chi’s are the smallest. The biggest Chihuahua is around 9 inches tall and weighs about 6 pounds.

Further, the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 measured the tiniest living dog –a Chihuahua. It was called Miracle Millie. She is just 3.8 inches tall. Having said so, then a Chihuahua is the most portable buddy to carry wherever you go.

As tiny a Chihuahua might be, its personalities are endless. According to AKC, the dog breed is classified as a toy. Besides his pocket-size, a Chi will do whatever it takes to stand up for himself against bigger dogs. Actually, AKC states that Chihuahuas are only partial to one breed – that is their own.

Bred to accompany humans, the Chihuahua is very serious about his job position. Breeders have stated that a Chihuahua is jealous, protective and will use his yappy bark to secure you when necessary.

A Chihuahua is always faithful to one person only. However, he is a funny and lively small dog that flourishes under human contact. He desires to always be around the owner all day long, seven days a week. For him to be truly happy, he needs unlimited friendship.

Leave Its Head Alone!

Though a Chihuahua has a pretty long lifespan of 17 years, for some, the top of their skull does not develop fully. This leaves soft spots called moleras – just as small babies. Though the soft spot for babies develops, some Chihuahuas might have to live with the spot for their entire lives.

Whether a Chi retains the soft spot or not depends on its skeletal structure, genetics, and size. Nonetheless, you should always protect its head by not pocking or hitting them. (iHeartDogs)

According to animalplanet.com, the Chis have two different head shapes: the deer and apple. On one hand, the apple head is round and has short snouts. On the other hand, a deer head Chi has long snouts and a narrow head. Either shape, both of them remain extremely cute.

Believed To Have Healing Powers

As aforementioned, the Aztecs used the Techichis for healing purposes. Even today, some people have the same belief about Chihuahuas. There might be some medical studies that state otherwise, but people still retain their belief. In fact, they believe that Chihuahuas can truly cure asthma in kids. They state that a Chi transmits the disease to them.

The strong belief dates back to the Aztecs. The Aztecs believed that the Techichi was able to absorb a person’s sins while being ushered to the afterlife. In early 200 B.C., one of Chihuahua’s ancestors featured in art from the Colima region in Mexico. Susan Dearing, a travel writer, states that Mesoamerican people and Mayans were buried with pictures of dogs that look like Chihuahuas. Reason being that they believed these dogs aided the dead to travel “clean” into the after-death.

This aspect to absorb sins could be the reason people still believe a Chi can cure illnesses.

They Have Great Varieties

The Chihuahuas come in great varieties in coat markings and color. To be precise, the dog breed has over 40 different markings and colors. This includes red, black, white, chocolate, and a mixture of black-and-tan. Further, the lengths of the coats come in different varieties. Some of the coats are short while others are long. (PetCoach)


Chis are always small, that is why they are so fierce. A study shows that tiny puppies are the most aggressive breeds to dogs outside their breed and to humans as well. Therefore, you are advised to socialize your Chi with other dogs and humans early.

Nevertheless, Chis have the largest brain in the dog breed. They are not only easy to train but quick-witted too. They are not, though, easy to housebreak because of their willful personality and tiny bladder. Since they are desert dogs, they are not keen on the cold or rain.

Now that you have known the 5 Chihuahua facts you need to know, it is your turn to make a decision. A Chi is not only a companion while around the house; you can carry it wherever you go. In that way, you will not feel alone and the tiny puppy will not stay at home alone.

You might have come across a tiny bug-eyed animal poking out of someone’s tote bag. High chances are that is a Chihuahua.


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