About me

I’m a big dog lover, and also a vegetarian who finds Chihuahuas very cute and unique.

All my life I surrounded by dogs. I was often called by my parents a “dog dad”, as the dogs often followed me on my way from school. I also remember when about 20-30 dogs, accompanied me during my sleep in a hammock in not the safest place on earth, in a National Park in one of the South American countries. It was really fantastic experience. I felt like they were protecting me (I, as a “gringo”, was staying there completely alone).

In my childhood, there were primarily big dogs like German Shepherds, Belgium Shepherds and then my lovely mongrel (Pekingese with ….something), boxer, and another mongrel (hard to say who her parents were). I learned that it is really heart-wrenching to see your dog pass away. Especially since I do attach to them immensely. The “Best friend” expression isn’t good enough to describe my relationship with my dog.

So after all the cuties I was surrounded by, and also considering the fact that I move quite a lot (from one country to another), I thought I would never own a dog again. Although quite a few times I missed having a dog and I seriously thought about having one. Also, my kids love dogs and they really wanted to have a four-legged friend. So, we started researching which dog would be the best for us. Because of my childhood experience and memories, I always loved German Shepherds. But …..they are big and suffer in hot, tropical climates like Thailand. I also remembered how much I suffered when life was taking my dogs apart from me.

One day, I made a friend who has a Chihuahua. And despite all the thoughts of never having a dog again, I find myself learning about these tinny figures with lion’s hearts. They are amazing. Absolutely cute, and look so fragile but are always ready to protect their loved ones (or just complain). The size of them (and also the size of their…food remains) is rather tinny and easy to take care of. These are the attributes that really help to decide to have Chihuahua as a four-legged friend in our house.

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