All you need to know about Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are loyal, entertaining, and comical small dogs. They are definitely brimming with a great personality – usually an eccentric and quirky personality that is different from other breeds. 
Other than that, Chihuahuas are very variable. Just as you note that some people are placid, others are lively; some are timid others are bold; and some are eager to please others are stubborn.
What traits a Chihuahua adapts depends largely on the genetic temperament of his parents or grandparents.

Having said so, there are other important points you should know about these dog breeds. Without further due, let’s explore those points.

Chihuahua Temperament

The Chihuahua temperament is properly socialized and raised should be sociable, excitable, and loving towards loved ones. Basically, these are happy dog breeds. They easily portray their true self when distanced from the rest of the world. However, they have a bad reputation for being a really poor company.

Always Alert

But they are very enthusiastic about life and always alert to their surroundings. Combined with their high-pitched bark, a Chihuahua can be exciting at all angles. For some people, this might be a nuisance. That is why it is important you socialize and train your Chihuahua in its early stages.

Chihuahuas Are Quick To React

Aside from its predisposition to barking, its excitability can be a type of aggression towards other canines or strangers. This aggressive nature of Chihuahua should not be taken as a malicious character. Rather it is a defense mechanism. (YourPureBredPuppy)

Chihuahuas Are Jealous

The last thing to know about Chihuahua’s temperament is its jealous personality. Some people refer to these breeds as “one-person dogs.” This means they demand that you direct all of your attention to them. If they note that your attention is divided they will develop severe separation anxiety.

Chihuahua, A Small Dog With A Big Personality

Hard To Housebreak

The Chihuahua is among the most fearless and dignified dogs of all breeds. This confidence and dignified persona are usually what makes the dog so hard to housebreak and train. This is because it can be a little indecisive when it comes to obedience.

A Chihuahua Is Bold

To sum up a Chihuahua’s personality in a single word, we would say it is bold. The dog is bold in the way it encounters the world the way it loves and when you try to train it.

Very Intelligent

Regardless of its home-like nature and size, a Chihuahua is very sharp. It is quick to learn and process information. More so, it is incredibly keen on the surroundings. That is why it is a fantastic small watchdog.

Barks A Lot

On the downside, however, a Chihuahua barks a lot. This characteristic might turn out to be negative for some people.


Besides that, a Chihuahua is unfalteringly loyal to the owner. Once it solidifies its place into a peaceful homestead, then a Chihuahua’s people-pleasing personality can blossom quickly.

By the end of the day, a Chihuahua wants to be loved and love back – Just as humans. They desire this love with such fierceness that it might become a fault. A Chihuahua might be adaptable and small, but it is a very needy dog breed. Jealousy takes a big percentage in the personality of a Chihuahua.

A Chihuahua Is Not Amazing With Children

That is why it is incompatible with children. In most cases, when a newborn comes into the house, the Chi will immediately become jealous of the kid’s attention. You will note this because the Chihuahua will turn inwards. In the worst scenarios, Chihuahuas are very unkind to children altogether. 

Nonetheless, a Chihuahua does not react negatively to newborns. If you raise your Chihuahua together with your kids, it is wise enough to know that you are not giving it attention. As a result, the Chihuahua will become a little domineering. These small dog breeds love to love. But they need just the same amount of attention as they offer.

The Dog Breed Does Not Mix With Others

Another thing to know about Chihuahua’s personality is that it does not mix with other pets. As touched earlier, this dog breed is dignified. It is as well aloof towards strangers. In fact, it portrays a propensity of tangling with bigger dogs. They don’t fear whether the big dogs will injure them.

Regardless of how well you raise, train, or socialize a Chihuahua, being territorial is in its blood. Their design is to overestimate their small size.

But having said so, these small dogs are compassionate, quirky, loyal, loving, and a bit playful when a chance arises.

A Chihuahua Lifespan

For anyone that owns a Chihuahua, here is good news! The lifespan of a Chihuahua is possibly the longest in the canine empire. With everything going smooth, you would expect your companion to live for a long time. (TheHappyPuppySite)

Here are health conditions that might affect the lifespan of a Chihuahua:

Small dog breeds happen to live longer than large and medium dogs. A Chihuahua has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Females can live for an extra 1 or 2 years compared to males.
Having said so, a Chihuahua is vulnerable to various health conditions and lifestyle factors. It is important for you to learn about this and manage them accordingly.

Cardiovascular Disease

A study about canine mortality shows that around 18.5 percent of Chi mortality can be caused by heart-related diseases. This places the dog breed among the top five most vulnerable.

The best part is that at least 70 percent of these heart illnesses are the collapse of the mitral valve. This is a condition that people can prevent using good exercise and diet.


Chihuahuas are popular for their “big dog” attitude. Though this is great, it makes them vulnerable to trauma.

The “never say die” attitude might be good, but the dog usually shows a genetic condition called “moleras.” This refers to the soft area in a Chihuahua’s skull where the bone has not developed fully. 
A large percentage of Chi’s die due to trauma. This is from being accidentally stepped on, dropped, or dogfights. (TheHappyPuppySite)

Other Health Conditions

Other health conditions that might reduce the lifespan of our Chihuahua are retinal disease, hydrocephalus, patellar luxation, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.


If you want to own a dog that is very loyal, easy to carry, entertaining/funny in quirky ways, lovable/loving, and has a long lifespan, then a Chihuahua might be right for you.

As you make your decision just know that the behavior and temperament of Chihuahua are shaped by training and upbringing.

Source: YourPureBredPuppy