How to Choose Your Chihuahua Puppy

Having a pet gives one a sense of ownership and a reason to show some amount of affection to animals. Puppies constitute the largest number of pets owned by individuals. However, not all puppies are a darling to pets’ enthusiasts but only a few breeds have become the preferred choice for many. And Chihuahuas seem to be the favorite pet among different breeds of puppies today. The imagination of strolling in your neighborhood with your Chihuahua trailing you behind is quite inspiring and motivating especially to those looking to own pets in the near future. But the million-dollar question is, “how do you choose the perfect Chihuahua puppy?”

Paying your local breeder a visit in search of a new Chihuahua puppy could be an exciting time for you but selecting the right pet is yet another puzzle that needs a keen eye to solve. The following criteria will help you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing your perfect Chihuahua puppy.

Do you want male or female?

It seems gender issues extend all the way to puppies too. This is arguably one of the most important decisions to make when selecting your puppy. Whether you are looking for a male or a female, you need to take a while observing these little creatures to ascertain their gender lest you settle on a wrong one. As puppies, you will find it a little bit challenging to make a clear distinction between male and female. But when they get older you will notice some characteristics that are a common factor with each gender.

However, male Chihuahuas are known to portray some element of loyalty and affection to their owner, unlike the female ones. This is contrary to what most people assume but that remains to be the reality. Therefore, if you are looking for a loving and loyal puppy, the male ones should be your ultimate choice.

While that loyalty part of a male Chihuahua could be a determining factor, you should also know that these little dogs tend to mark their territory indoors by peeing on furnishings and furniture. Of course, this is not a pleasant sight to come across right in your home, but you can avert such a situation by potty-training them when they are still young.

On the other hand, the female Chihuahuas can also be loyal and loving companions as well. But their notable characteristic is being generally calmer, making them a better choice of a puppy for small homes and apartment complexes. In fact, they prefer spending most of their time relaxing in their owner’s arms.

Consider the puppy’s health inspection

Sadly, not every Chihuahua puppy is born healthy. A good number of them may have bone disorders, worms, or even suffer from certain illnesses that are common to puppies. To avoid spending extra money treating an ailing Chihuahua, it is prudent that you settle for one which is in perfect health condition.

It is not wrong to adopt or buy a sick Chihuahua, but you should be fully aware of what you are getting into. To determine which puppy is healthy, you need to do the following:

Make a thorough inspection to see if there are any ticks or fleas on the puppy.

Look out for docile and weak-looking puppies because these two could be signs of more serious underlying health problems.
Examine the ears, eyes, and nose to see if there is any mucus discharge or buildup. If any, then it is obvious that the puppy has some form of infection.

When puppies are running and playing around, pay your attention to how they move. Those that limb or hop might be suffering from congenital defects and these conditions are not easily fixed.
Take an oral examination by looking at their teeth and gums. A healthy puppy is characterized by soft pink gums and white teeth with no foul-smelling breath.

Check their behavior and temperament

Chihuahua puppies have varied behavior just like other breeds of puppies you are likely to encounter. This should the first observation to make when you first walk into the breeders compound with many puppies playing or running around. You will notice a group of them running around biting their toys or furniture while others will be relaxing or napping together in a ball of fur.

Their behavior, however, will essentially give you an idea of how they will carry on (in behavior and temperament) when adults. This is important to you when choosing a Chihuahua puppy because you will have a slight idea of what it will look and behave when it is fully grown.

The Size

Chihuahuas are always available in various sizes. According to Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the standard weight for puppies calls between 1.5kg and 3.0kg (3.3 and 6.6lbs) even though smaller sizes are accepted as well. But anything larger than that would be disqualified.

One thing you need to understand is that Chihuahuas don’t breed true to size. This means puppies born at the same time can mature differently from each other thus varied sizes. When making your choice, you should consider picking on the right side of the puppy.

What color?

Chihuahuas come in different colors to choose from. According to American Kennel Club (AKC) Standards, Chihuahua puppies can be of any color-marked, solid, or slashed. But the main colors are chocolate, fawn, black, white, and any shade of gray.

Also, there are many color combinations that will attract your attention but what matters the most is your choice. The color should not be the only factor to consider when making your choice but you need to put into account other factors for you to get the best puppy.

Long coat or smooth coat Chihuahua?

If you need a puppy that will require occasional grooming, then a long coat Chihuahua is just the right choice for you. On the contrary, you can take a smooth coat Chihuahua if you have no time for occasional grooming.

The term smooth doesn’t mean the puppy’s hair is smooth because their hair ranges from a velvet touch all the way to a whiskey feel. Apart from that, the coat can either be single or double with the former laying flatter on the dog’s skin whereas the latter is thicker comprising of a softer undercoat and a coarse topcoat with different colors.


After settling on your perfect Chihuahua puppy, the first step should be taking it to the vet on the same day for a further health examination. Otherwise, your choice of the puppy should make you happy all the time.


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