What Types Of Chihuahua Are There?

To those who have owned a Chihuahua, they can confirm that they come in different types. For the rest, they think all Chihuahuas are the same and look alike. There are several defined and distinct varieties. The question of what types of Chihuahuas are there can be addressed in several ways.

One thing to note though is that there are 2 different breeds of Chihuahua. Each breed is very unique from the other. For one, Chihuahuas have 2 coat lengths; long-haired and short-haired. Both coats might have patterned, a solid or mixed coat that is made up of white, black, chocolate, fawn and/or sable colors.

The body shape and size of Chihuahuas are different between breeds as well. A long-haired Chi has longer yet elegant legs. As for a short-haired Chi, it is normally stumpier and shorter. Having said so, it is great to discuss the various Chihuahua types currently available.

How Many Types Of Chihuahuas Are there?

As touched earlier, there are only 2 breed types of Chihuahuas. Within these breeds, the distinction arises from their general size, coat length, head shape, and body type.

Types Of Chi Based On Head Shapes

You can differentiate a Chi based on the shape of its head. Actually, you can easily tell the kind of Chi you are looking at immediately you come across one. Chi’s come in 2 different head shapes: apple-headed and deer-headed.

Apple Headed Chi’s

Just as its name, the name for this dog originates from its head. It is shaped just like an apple.

The head is large compared to the body and it is round too with a smaller muzzle and wide eyes. (source)

Deer Headed Chi

Though not very common, a dear headed chi has a narrower and longer head with a longer snout. On the same note, a deer headed chi dog happens to be longer limbed, perhaps combined with a longer body.

Unfortunately, all dog societies and kennel clubs do not accept deer headed Chi’s as true breeds. Nonetheless, such a dog has fewer health complications compared to apple-headed breeds. Hence, this is a great pet especially if you have other pets or children.

Types Of Chi’s Based On Coat Styles/Length

You can differentiate a Chi based on coat style. There are 2 varieties: the long and smooth coat Chi.

Smooth Coat Chi

This Chi breed has a short and smooth coat. As such, controlling its hair is easy and sheds less hair compared to breeds with long coats. More so, a chi with a short coat needs less combing and grooming.

This type of chi comes in different colors. Likewise, its head can be either apple or deer shaped. (PlanetChihuahua)

Long Coat Chi

While the chi has velvety and longer hair, the coat is smooth to the touch. It is beautiful too. A long coat chi is a striking breed as its appearance is distinctive.

Different from short-haired Chi’s, the long-haired ones need lots of grooming and maintenance. This means brushing their hair daily, trimming occasionally, and bathing them frequently.

Teacup Chihuahua

A teacup Chihuahua refers to a Chi dog that weighs not more than 5 pounds with a height of 9 inches. Though small in size, it acts the same way as a bigger Chi. However, you should note that if your Teacup Chi exceeds the weight and height aforementioned, then it is a different type. (TeaCupDogDaily)

Fawn Chihuahua

Fawn Chihuahua is yet another type. It simply refers to a chi with a fawn color. This is a color commonly found in most Chi’s. There are many varieties for this coat coloring. Some of these varieties include blue fawn, sable fawn, and fawn & white.

Pear headed Chihuahua

Among the head shapes of Chihuahuas, the pear headed ones are basically an undesirable kind. It results when a deer headed and apple headed chi breeds.

When the breeding takes place, the end results will be a head that is somewhere in between a deer headed and an apple-headed breed. The chi also has larger muzzles with longer and flat skulls.


No matter the kind of Chi you select or you already have, just know that all Chihuahua types are loveable companions and exceptional pets. Treated well, a Chihuahua can greatly add value to you and your family. The dog is an exciting and fun pet for all dog lovers.