Easiest Ways of Maintaining Cleanliness of Your Chihuahua Dog

Your Chihuahua needs proper care in order to be happy and to prosper. This includes gentle but thorough cleaning. Grooming and especially the dog’s coat is important in keeping the animal as healthy as possible. It is because you are able to reduce any tangles and excessive shedding. Again, you are also able to eliminate allergens and dirt from your dog’s fluff, making it well cared for and loved.

According to Daily Puppy, maintaining cleanliness for a Chihuahua is easy. It is because these kinds of dogs are naturally lovable, loyal, and come with a pleasant temperament. As such, their owners can quickly freshen and spruce them up whenever they need this kind of care.

Typical grooming habits for your chihuahua include:

  • Coat Brushing
  • Dental care
  • Soft baths
  • Nail clipping
  • Fur trimming
  • Cleaning around the eyes and ears

However, some cleaning methods need lots of dedication and time to ensure that your dog is actually clean. Again, some seasons are wet, cold, and hostile to bath your Chihuahua, which can subject your animal to chills and discomfort. In this case, you need much better ways to ensure that your dog remains both, clean and comfortable.

Stress-Free Ways to Clean Your Dog

There are several simple and quick ways to maintain high-level hygiene for your dog.

Bark Post presents a number of tips which include:

1. Dry Shampoo to Remove Smell

Dogs have a certain familiar smell to them, but which is not always pleasant to the human nose. The best and easy way to eliminate this kind of smell is to take a mixture of baking soda and corn starch, and then rub the powder onto the dog’s fur. You can also purchase dry shampoo and give it a try.

According to Zogics Pet, dry shampoo is an effective way by which your dog remains squicky clean, and with a pleasant smell. The video below also comes with other impressive tips, other than dry shampoo, to ensure that your dog is well-cared for in terms of grooming.

2. Dental Hygiene

One of the most effective ways to prevent cases of tooth decay and tooth disease is through proper dental care.

The following methods can be used to ensure your dog’s dental hygiene:

  • Brushing: use a small toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste specially designed for Chihuahua. Warm water is recommended for this kind of task.
  • You can also Dental Chews toys on alternate days as they are proven to keep teeth clean. According to https://iheartdogs.com/10-ways-to-clean-your-dogs-teeth-that-wont-make-them-hate-you, these toys are known to help scrape and gently remove plaque. However, the animal should be closely monitored to make sure that they do not bite and swallow any large pieces of the toys.
  • Another option can be the use of dental sprays, many of which are effective in removing plaque and tartar buildup; while killing the bad bacteria that cause bad breath.

3. How to Clean Their Ears

If you are a Chihuahua owner, then you also know that some of them come with gigantic ears. For this reason and others, it is quite possible for some of them to trap and embed lots of dirt.

In this case, you can use Baby oil and gently, but thoroughly clean out the dirt from the inside of the ear. As you do so, take extra care since your dog’s ears, just like the human ones, can be quite sensitive.

You can also use wet wipes to gently clean around the eyes, and inside and out of the ears to remove any kind of dirt.4. How to Clean Your Dog’s Toenails

Overgrown toenails are always unsightly, but they can also pose danger to their owner. Talk of scratches. Damage to furniture, carpet or hardwood floor cannot be avoided. Hence the necessity to keep the nails constantly short. Trimming can be done in several ways:

• You can engage a professional vet if you are not sure of how to go about. It is because care must be taken not to cause injury and bleeding near the skin.

• You can take your Chihuahua walking on the sidewalks, as this is a natural way of clipping the toenails.


Owners can benefit from these tips to maintain their dog’s overall cleanliness. You can apply these methods some of which are especially useful during colder seasons.

Your Chihuahua can particularly be susceptible to shivering and chill when bathed or exposed to cold weather. Other than that, you also save so much on time and money with these quick interventions.