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How to Take Care of Your Chihuahua’s Health

Every Chihuahua owner is usually amazed by how small and yet how imposing this tiny dog can be. Its personality speaks volumes, and its presence is addictive. However, what should also be put into greater perspective is its overall health, as they are generally a delicate breed.

According to PetchiDog, your Chihuahua’s health is dependent upon key elements such as:

  • Grooming and Feeding
  • Training, and Physical Exercise

All these elements, when carefully considered, can make your dog comfortable, happy and healthy.

Key Health Issues to Look Out For when it comes to Chihuahua’s health

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria states that some of the commonly reported health issues in the dogs include:

  • Obesity which can cause heart attacks, arthritis, and diabetes among other conditions
  • Excessive watering of the eyes
  • Sugar drop
  • Ears and paws hygiene
  • Dental hygiene
  • Feeding issues
  • Training and Physical exercise issues

Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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Easiest Ways of Maintaining Cleanliness of Your Chihuahua Dog

Your Chihuahua needs proper care in order to be happy and to prosper. This includes gentle but thorough cleaning. Grooming and especially the dog’s coat is important in keeping the animal as healthy as possible. It is because you are able to reduce any tangles and excessive shedding. Again, you are also able to eliminate allergens and dirt from your dog’s fluff, making it well cared for and loved.

According to Daily Puppy, maintaining cleanliness for a Chihuahua is easy. It is because these kinds of dogs are naturally lovable, loyal, and come with a pleasant temperament. As such, their owners can quickly freshen and spruce them up whenever they need this kind of care.

Typical grooming habits for your chihuahua include:

  • Coat Brushing
  • Dental care
  • Soft baths
  • Nail clipping
  • Fur trimming
  • Cleaning around the eyes and ears

However, some cleaning methods need lots of dedication and time to ensure that your dog is actually clean. Again, some seasons are wet, cold, and hostile to bath your Chihuahua, which can subject your animal to chills and discomfort. In this case, you need much better ways to ensure that your dog remains both, clean and comfortable.

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